About Us

Barefoot Studio has been selling Swopper and other Aeris products for almost 10 years. We are a Pilates Studio and Wellness centre near Cardiff in South Wales and are passionate about healthy spines, active sitting and finding a way to live well. Our lead Pilates Instructor, Karen Ingram, is a lower back pain specialist and recommends Swopper to her many clients as a healthy way of sitting.

If you live close to our store in Cowbridge, near Cardiff, you are welcome to come in and try all of the Aeris healthy seating options, including swopper, swoppster, muvman and 3Dee.

We individually order your Swopper from Aeris in Germany and delivery to your door is typically 3 weeks. The reason we don't hold stock is that there are just too many variations to choose from, by individually ordering you can have the exact specification you want.

Barefoot Studio offers a full after sales service with assembly advise, warranty issues etc.

If you have any questions about Swopper or any of the Aeris products please ring us on 01446 775772 or email us info@barefootstudio.co.uk